When I was 5, I told my mom I wanted to “draw and study nature.” As a scientific illustrator, I have been able to combine my passions for life sciences and art. I have a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy with additional experience in histology, physiology, osteology, and non-human vertebrate anatomy. I have a special love for mammalian teeth and skulls.

As an artist, I am adept in traditional media as well as Adobe illustrator and photoshop. I’ve done most of my work in scientific and medical illustration, including a two-year stint at the University of Michigan Department of Radiology, where I worked closely with doctors to produce illustrations for medical publications, conferences, and for use in the U of M hospital.

In my free time I love to draw comics, run, hike, and search for salamanders (catching a hellbender is one of my proudest moments).

If you have any illustrative needs I can help with, please contact me.


Education: B.S. (Evolutionary Anthropology, minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) University of Michigan, 2013.

Graduate certificate in Science Illustration, California State University–Monterey Bay, 2014.


Past Clients: Animal Diversity Web, Quaardvark database search, Department of Radiology–University of Michigan Health System, National Park Service–Wildlife Health, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory.